IP Engineer

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Profil recherché :

Experience Requirements
Interns Fresh graduates technical expérience in communication industry Capability Requirements
• Technology Team Management (2nd line Support Team). 
• Ability to design a large network with complex network technology. 
• Have excellent interpersonal skills, presentation skills, a team player, ability to deliver. 
• Excellent TCP/ IP, 3GPP, Voice and Signaling skills. 
• Experience with Ericsson MSC/HLIVHSSfPG/MGW/SBC technology or MPLS technology including L2/L3 VPN and traffic engineering. 
• Experience with routing protocols (OSPF, ISIS and BGP). 
•Excellent skills in Configuring and troubleshooting routers and switches, firewalls or CS & Roaming Nodes. 
• Expertise in multicast, IPV6 design, configuration, IP backbone, W backhaul design and Troubleshooting 
• Familiar with Juniper, Huawei, ZTE, Fortinet, Cisco router/switch/firewall. 
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