Human Capital (HC) Consultant

Human Capital (HC) Consultant




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TITRE DU POSTE : Human Capital (HC) Consultant – SBG 11

DEPARTEMENT : Human Capital


TYPE DE CONTRAT : CDI assorti d’une période d’essai de 6 mois


Standard Bank RDC fait partie du plus grand groupe bancaire de l’Afrique en termes de capitalisation boursière dont le siège se situé à Johannesburg. Présente dans 38 pays dont 18 en Afrique, c’est depuis 1992 qu’elle opère au Congo à la suite de l’acquisition d’ANZ Grindlays Zaire qui existait dans le pays depuis 1973.

Standard Bank RDC offre une gamme variée de produits et services par le truchement de ses diverses branches à travers la RDC via un réseau des intermédiaires (banques correspondantes). Nous avons développé une expertise dans la prestation des services liés aux besoins des entreprises minières, multinationales, Nations-Unies et autres organisations internationales opérant en République Démocratique du Congo.

Nos équipes allient leur connaissance approfondie sur les conditions et déterminants du marché en RDC à l’expertise du Groupe Standard Bank opérant dans les marchés émergeants aux fins de développement des solutions sur mesure répondant aux besoins de la clientèle


Links to structures


Job function*

Human Capital

Job family*

Human Capital Business Partnering

Job reports to*

Human Capital Business Partner, Snr HCBP or Head Human Capital

Career type*







Job purpose description*

To provide Human Capital consultation services in an assigned business area. Advisory services include end to end human capital services including workforce planning, resourcing, management of the employee life cycle, managing organisational effectiveness, reward, talent management and capability development.

Job criticality

Not Rated


Key responsibilities*



Output group 1*

Guide workforce and organisational planning

Outputs and measures*

  • Support Team Leaders and Line Managers to link their people plans to the overall business plan on an annual basis.  Contribute to improvements required in the plans if gaps are identified.
  • Contribute to the development of the annual staff cost budgets by providing advice on market pay and anticipated workforce changes.
  • Review the organisation structure on the SAP system monthly and work with line managers to arrange corrections where needed. This includes ensuring that unused vacancies are removed.
  • Support line managers to refine their organisation structures by applying organisation design principles and levels of work. For complex or large structure changes, call for support from the Human Capital Business Partners. 
  • Develop new job descriptions with input from line managers if the required jobs are not available on the job library. 
  • Submit new and updated job descriptions to Organisation Effectiveness for job evaluation and publication.  Follow up on completion of the grading and supply grade results and educate line managers on the outcomes and process.
  • Source workforce composition reports from the SAP system to support and educate line managers to review the effectiveness and productivity of their teams. Support the process of requesting headcount approvals if needed



Output group 2*

Monitor and support the resourcing of the business area

Outputs and measures*

  • Work closely with the resourcing team in the business area to keep track of new resignations and open vacancies. Closely collaborate on filling the key vacancies and participate in interviews on request.
  • Drive the requisition approval process for new and replacement vacancies according to the business area specific requirements.
  • Participate in the development of offers for new candidates by reviewing the market remuneration data and making recommendations to the resourcing teams and the line managers on the most appropriate pay levels.
  • Support line managers in their decision-making process around the use of contingency workers such as temps, fixed term contractors and consultants. Guide them through the governance around each of these. Ensure that the pay rates are in line with permanent employees performing similar functions.
  • Ensure that all new non-permanent resources have contracts in place before they start work. Keep a diary of contract expiry dates and highlight contracts that are about to expire to the line managers where they work at least one month prior to expiry date.

Output group 3*

Support and advise line managers throughout the employee life cycle

Outputs and measures*

  • Participate in the onboarding of new resources by obtaining a list of new starters in the business unit monthly. Arrange for introductions to the Human Capital team within the first week of their starting.
  • Review and approve employee portal self-service requests that require Human Capital approval. 
  • Act as a champion of self service by explaining the functionality available to employees and line managers and helping them to navigate through transactions where needed.
  • Facilitate employee relations by driving the formal processes related to standard or noncomplex disciplinary enquiries. Advise the disciplinary chair on the procedural requirements.  On request, act as the scribe for hearings.  Make recommendations on the correct sanctions to be applied for the misconduct or issue.
  • Prepare the impact analysis during restructuring activities. Ensure that employee documentation is prepared according to the defined standards to effect the decision of the restructures.
  • Off board resources by setting up and conducting exit interviews for general staff, team leaders and line managers.  Consolidate the exit interview feedback for review with the Human Capital Business Partner.
  • Explain exit procedures to employees who have resigned including the terms of exit (for example last day payment and medical aid deductions).
  • Ensure that line managers have a thorough understanding of the Human Capital processes and procedures that need to be followed to manage and govern activities in their teams.

Output group 4

Support reward and performance management processes






  • Explain benefits and payslip information to employees on request.  Refer complex enquiries to the reward team.  Encourage the use of payroll related system for payslip and basic enquiries.
  • Monitor the capturing of performance agreements during goal setting and ratings uploads during performance discussion phases. Send reminders to line managers who are overdue.
  • Prepare performance analytics using the People Fluent system to review rating distributions by gender, ethnic origin, job level and business area. Highlight areas where ratings may need adjustment during moderation exercises. 
  • Support the preparation of performance reporting for moderation sessions. Prepare minutes of moderation meetings.
  • Drive the remuneration cycle preparation process in the business area by reviewing salary data against the assigned survey code. Highlight corrections required to the reward team. Ensure that employees are linked to the correct job codes on the SAP system.
  • Support the calculation of bonus and increase pots and the distribution to line managers and other decision makers in the business.
  • Project manage the process of collecting increase and bonus recommendations from line managers and ensure that reward timelines are adhered to. Interpret the reward guidelines for managers.
  • Analyse the recommendations and provide feedback to line managers on changes they need to make to be in line with reward guidelines.
  • Run the performance and reward moderation meetings for general staff and first line managers in the business area by arranging the meeting participation, briefing the line managers on the process and preparing the analytics for the reviews. Document decisions taken and ensure that an audit trail can be kept of the decisions.
  • Drive participation in the bank's recognition programmes by encouraging employee participation and explaining benefits to employees and line managers.

Output group 5

Develop talent and capability


  • Contribute to the work of the business unit's learning and development team in the development of skills development plans on an annual basis. Use input from performance management reviews as well as an interpretation of the business unit plans.
  • Assist with the scheduling of skills-based assessments.
  • Highlight available training to line managers. 
  • Monitor the progress of mandatory compliance training and help employees and line managers understand the importance of adhering to compliance training requirements.
  • Drive the nomination for management and leadership development. Provide advice to line managers on the nomination criteria.
  • Facilitate the nomination and validation of talented individuals in the business area. Coordinate talent events as directed by the Head Human Capital.
  • Explain the benefits of succession planning and career development to line managers and team leaders. Support the development of career plans for identified talent.
  • Develop succession plans for the business area as part of the talent review sessions.

Output group 6

Provide human capital business intelligence


  • Encourage line managers to use self-service reporting available on the employee portal.
  • Draw monthly reports of the key people metrics. Review the trends for the business area for all the key items. Highlight areas of concern to the business area's management team and make recommendations on actions that can be taken to improve the trends. For example, if performance ratings are declining a deep dive could be done to determine the reasons and detailed actions should then be developed.
  • Explain the content and significance of the people metrics to line managers.
  • If line managers require additional information, consolidate the requirement and provide feedback to the business intelligence team in Human Capital Enablement on what the needs are.

Output group 7

Employee engagement


  • Communicate the survey plans
  • Verify employee data provided by Visier for surveys
  • Track survey progress
  • Manage the survey report analytics
  • Track and update employee engagement action plans
  • Coordinate People Promise inititiaves as directed by the Head Human Capital









Formal minimum qualification 1*

Type of qualification: First Degree
Field of study: Human Resources

Preferred qualification 1

Type of qualification: First Degree
Field of study: Human and Social Studies

Preferred qualification 2

Type of qualification: Post Graduate Diploma
Field of study: Human Resources







Experience required 1*

Job Function: Human Capital
Job Family: Business Partnering
Years: 3-4 Years
Years:Experience in advising line managers on the practical application of Human Capital policies and processes to enable their business outcomes.

Experience required 2

Job Function: Human Capital
Job Family: Resourcing
Years: 1-2 Years
Years:Experience in Resourcing.

Experience preferred 1

Job Function: Human Capital
Job Family: Business Partnering
Years: 3-4 Years
Years:HC Experience within financial services





Behavioural Competencies



Behavioural competency 1*


Competency Label: Upholding Standards
Competency Description:Upholding Standards” within the organisation is important for ensuring that high quality products and services are provided as well as for ensuring that trust is created and maintained. Individuals need to focus on developing proper and discreet behaviour and to honour their commitments to be effective at demonstrating this competency.

Behavioural competency 2*


Competency Label: Taking Action
Competency Description:This competency is about taking action in service of achieving the organisation's goals. It is about being energetic, showing initiative and being action oriented.

Behavioural competency 3*


Competency Label: Articulating Information
Competency Description:This competency is about effectively expressing ideas and concerns, giving presentations, explaining things to others as well as showing confidence in the interaction with other people, both strangers and acquaintances alike.

Behavioural competency 4*


Competency Label: Producing Outputs
Competency Description:This competency is about ensuring that tasks are completed within the given time-frame. Behaviours that are emphasised in this competency include working at a fast pace, maintaining productivity and multi-tasking.

Behavioural competency 5*


Competency Label: Examining Information
Competency Description:This emphasises logical reasoning, specifically when referring to an individuals’ understanding of information and the clear communication of such information in writing. Logical reasoning is supported by a fact based or objective approach.

Behavioural competency 6*

Competency Label: Checking Details
Competency Description: This competency is concerned with the careful checking and confirmation of details in a task. Another behaviour associated with the “Checking Details” competency is being accurate. Being accurate requires individuals to have a strong quality orientation as well as to be thorough and detailed in their approach when completing tasks in order to avoid making mistakes

Behavioural competency 7*


Competency Label: Team Working
Competency Description:This competency is about working well in a team.  In order to develop this competency, individuals are encouraged to acknowledge the views and contributions of others, and to involve others in decision-making.

Behavioural competency 8*

Competency Label: Resolving Conflict
CompetencyDescription:This competency is about effectively dealing with disagreements and conflict in the workplace. In order to demonstrate being competent at resolving conflicts in the workplace, individuals are expected to demonstrate that they are able to handle angry individuals effectively and handle emotionally charged situations.


Technical Competencies



Technical competency 1*



Competency Label:Business Acumen
Competency Description:The ability to analyse business financial performance as well as competitor and external factors as it would apply to the people practice in the organisation. Copy from Technical Competency Library
Proficiency Level: BASIC – Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision

Technical competency 2*



Competency Label:Knowledge of HR policies and procedures
Competency Description:The knowledge and interpretation of people policies and procedures in place in the organisation and the translation of requirements to enable line managers and employees to understand the requirements. Copy from Technical Competency Library
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT – Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Technical competency 3*



Competency Label: Human Resources Consulting
Competency Description:The ability to engage with leadership, managers and employees using a consultative and engaging approach while balancing the needs of the employee with that of the employer.
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT – Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Technical competency 4*



Competency Label:Human Capital Systems
Competency Description:The ability to capture and process transactional items using electronic systems deployed in the Human Capital function, in particular SAP Human Capital Management, Network Next or PeopleFluent.
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT – Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Technical competency 5*



Competency Label:Learning and Development strategy
Competency Description:Ability to analyse current and future competence gaps and develop and provide a full range of learning options to help employees with the skills to meet organisational goals.
Proficiency Level: BASIC – Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision

Technical competency 6*



Competency Label:LaborRealtions Procedures
Competency Description:Knowledge of labour relations legislative and regulatory framework and practices related to bargaining, negotiating and dispute resolution procedures, to enable administration and management of labour and procedural agreements.
Proficiency Level: BASIC – Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision

Technical competency 7*


Competency Label:Employee advocacy
Competency Description:
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT – Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Technical competency 8*


Competency Label:Reward Benchmarking
Competency Description: Knowledge of the process of matching jobs to market information in terms of size and scope of the job for reward benchmarking purposes.
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT – Clear knowledge and application of the concept



Leadership Competencies (for jobs in Levels of Work 3 to 7)



Leadership competency 1*




Competency Label: Influencing Others
Competency Description:Effectively and strategically influences across the organisation, based on previously established credibility and respect, as well as understanding the organisational dynamics, politics and interpersonal context.
Proficiency Level Description:1 Knows who needs to be part of the influencing strategy; Knows who the key stakeholders are for a given situation and key people to influence. Includes understanding who is likely to support or resist the initiative, and why

Leadership competency 2*



Competency Label: Seeking Deeper Understanding
Competency Description:Is actively curious, seeking a deeper, broader and more objective understanding, upon which to base commercial acumen, strategic decisions and actions
Proficiency Level Description:1 Seeks to understand the organisation; Gathers input on internal perspectives to move forward. Tries to understand how and why things happen in the Bank and how to influence within the Bank. Proactively seeks this information.



Additional Job Dimensions



Business accountability: Impact on result*


Contributory ­- Advisory or facilitating services for use by others

Description or examples:Guide business on how to apply good Human Capital management principles in order to achieve their business objectives

Typical direct reports for this job*

Job Title:None
Number: No direct reports

Indirect reports


Job Family:None
Number: No Indirect Reports

Financial accountability*

Type of Budget: Operational Budget
Size of Budget (ZAR equivalent):Training Budgets
Type of accountability: Directly accountable

Internal relationships*

Business area:Support Business Leaders
Job:Heads of Business Units and Line Managers
Nature of relationship: Provide a service to them
Sphere of influence: Impact the whole business unit
Description or examples:Provide advice and guidance on benefits matters, development opportunities, career planning and employee relations

External relationships*


Role type of external contact:External service providers/Unions
Nature of relationship: Manage the relationship
Description or examples:Employee Benefits administration, Providing information for use by Union

Accountability for problem solving*

Degree of guidance received to solve problems:
Standardised – Substantially diversified procedures, general supervision
Description or examples:Processes and procedures are defined, but Human Capital Consultants have to determine which processes to apply to which situation for example whether to advise an employee to use a formal or informal grievance process.
Degree of original thought required to solve problems:

Variable – Differing situations within boundaries of experience

Description or examples:Human Capital Consultants are expected to apply their knowledge of labour practice and the bank's policies and procedures in their day to day activities. Matters that require dispensation from policy or that are not clearly defined should be referred to a Human Capital Business Partner or Head of Human Capital for advice.

Accountability for planning of activities*


Performance or supervision of varied activities

Description or examples:Accountability includes the implementation of all Human Capital policies and practices.

Discretion allowed for decision execution*

Regulated – Closely defined procedures, manager review of progress and results

Description or examples:Decision making is limited to choosing the most appropriate avenue within the set policies, procedures, standards and guidelines.

Work environment*

Working Conditions1: International Travel may be required
Working Conditions2: Rest of Africa Travel may be required
Physical Requirements1: No specific physical requirements     
Physical Requirements2: No specific physical requirements


Les personnes intéressées sont priées d’adresser leurs candidatures par e-mail à l’adresse électronique [email protected] en reprenant l’intitulé du poste en objet de leur e-mail.Les dossiers comprendront uniquement une lettre de motivation ainsi qu’un Curriculum Vitae détaillé à jour (en français et en anglais) renseignant les numéros de téléphone et adresses e-mails d’au moins trois personnes de référence.

Seuls les candidats de nationalité congolaise remplissant les critères susmentionnés seront considérés pour la suite du processus.

La date de clôture pour la réception des candidatures est fixée au vendredi 14 août 2020 à 17h00’ .


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