Solicitation USAID Project Management Assistant

Contexte et mission :

STATEMENT OF DUTIES 1. General Statement of Purpose of the Contract The Democracy, Rights, and Governance (DRG) Office maintains a high-profile within the U.S. Embassy. The DRG Office manages programming in elections, political processes, civil society, media, rule of law, human rights, anti-corruption, and counter trafficking in persons. The office regularly interacts with high-level officials in the Congolese and U.S. governments, civil society, private sector, and the donor and diplomatic communities. The USAID mission in DRC is an innovator in cross-sectoral activities, with democracy, rights, and governance principles at the center of its objectives in the Country Development Cooperation Strategy. Furthermore, strengthening governance is a core mission objective in the U.S. Embassy’s Integrated Country

Strategy. Members of the DRG Team regularly provide advice across the USAID mission, U.S. Embassy, and Washington on governance issues. The current active portfolio is estimated at $70 million with another $75 million in the design process. Under the supervision of the Project Management Specialist (DRG), the Project Management Assistant is responsible for handling programmatic and general office management matters for the DRG Office. The primary purpose of this position is to: coordinate, manage, and complete a range of project management, monitoring, and evaluation reporting requirements for the assigned portfolio, including operational plans, annual reports, budget and procurement planning, and other tasks as assigned. The Project Management Assistant will also serve as Activity Manager and/or AOR/COR (Agreement/Contracting Officer Representative) for certain assigned activities within the DRG Office. She/He is required to have the capability to maintain official files and records for the DRG Office. The Project Management Assistant provides project support and coordination within the DRG Office. This may include assistance with management, implementation, budgeting, procurement, monitoring and evaluation, and helping to direct activities under their management purview in the DRG Office. The Project Management Assistant will also contribute to the preparation of various reports, including results reporting and data quality assessments (DQAs), coordination of project/program activities, preparation of presentations on implementing partners’ performance, DRG technical areas, and other topics as needed, conducting pipeline analyses and accruals, and managing close-out actions. As needed, she/he liaises with and represents the DRG Office in official interactions with all USAID mission offices, USG officials, donors, host country government and civil society counterparts, and implementing partners.

Profil recherché :

PHYSICAL DEMANDS The work requested does not involve undue physical demands. II. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED FOR THIS POSITION Determines minimum qualifications required for the position. Offerors who do not meet all of the education, experience and language factors are considered NOT qualified for the position. a. Education: At least two years of post-secondary studies (i.e. technical college) in public administration, politics, law, finance, international development, or similar field is required. b. Prior Work Experience: Three to five years of professional work experience in the area of project management, finance, budget management, development assistance, monitoring and evaluation, or closely related work that includes the analysis and interpretation of complex data, and the presentation of findings in written form. c. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in written and spoken English (Level IV) and French (Level IV) is required.