Marketing assistant

Contexte et mission :


  • To collect on a daily basis the level of stations-service stocks and to update the retail database containing stocks and dealer’s orders before reporting to the team for follow-up
  • To ensure all dealer orders have been scheduled by CSC in time and in quantity. 
  • Follow dealers requests relating to maintenance with the engineer
  • To provide to "Administrations" customers pro forma invoices, definitive invoices and delivery order according to customers request to ensure the preparation of their regulations to the Treasure for 1-card use
  • To ensure invoicing of retail rents after verification by RM and Finance department and to control the effectiveness of  their payments


  • Print dealer accounts and ensure the matching of unapplied cash with the approval of Network Managers and dealers
  • To monitor Dealers accounts in accordance with Network Managers, 1-Card coordinator to ensure the cleanup of retail customer’s accounts and to relaunch dealers and Network Managers for payments
  • To print customers account statement and the credit approval template when required
  • To prepare agreements for the balance of dealers accounts on a monthly basis to support the Network Manager’s reporting
  • To ensure dealers accounts are credited within the agreed period after a payment transaction
  • To ensure transfer  "account to  account" in order to credit the agreed amount of a dedicated customer after a payment transaction


  • Inform customers about the status of their regulations (1-Card) based on the listings for payment of Treasury.
  • To ensure VAT collection relating to 1-card Administration payment when applicable
  • To ensure the back-up of 1-card coordinator when she’s unavailable

Profil recherché :

Key Challenges:

  • Volume & Margin: contribution on global retail volumes & margins
  • Credit Management (% Overdues): DSO (Days sales outstanding)

Business process

  • Sites data collection
  • Dealer accounts analysis
  • Dealer orders follow-up 
  • Dealer Tax management
  • "Administrations" customers request
  • Customers payments treatment
  • Retail rental invoicing


  • STOP observation
  • Near miss
  • Incident reporting

Talent Management

  • Engen values
  • Dealer staff training plan


  • Reporting timetable completed on time
  • Incident Reports
  • Identifying opportunities for new 1-card customers
  • External audits findings relating to retail sites

Job Knowledge, Skills & Experience

Specify the educational background, qualifications and experience which would  typically  be required to perform the job fully and effectively.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business/ Social Sciences or Equivalent            
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience, with experience in SAP and understanding of Engen business and values.       
  • Knowledge of the whole Oil and Gas distribution sector
  • Knowledge of Engen’s policies and procedures
  • Ability to perform under pressure
  • Team Works (compréhension de base)
  • Good IT skills
  • Maximum 32 years old.

N.B: Application will be receive in Word format only and 09/09/2021 to 20/09/2021.

Email address:  [email protected]