Fleet Management Officer

Contexte et mission :

Administration tasks: 20%

Key Performance INDICATORS                                                                   Performance Standards/Targets

 1.1 Manage fuel stocks and maintaining of adequate stock levels                    : Monthly

1.2 Receive approved fuel requisitions and issue out fuel accordingly               : Daily

 1.3 Reconciles fuel and loads in Pastel for review and approval by Finance     : Monthly

1.4 Assist in carrying out stock take for fuel and office supplies                          : Monthly

 1.5 Assist in fleet management processing fuel consumption reports,

         repairs costs and vehicle usage reports Monthly                                          : Monthly

 1.6 Schedule fleet maintenance and repairs                                                        : Quarterly

1.7 Supervise drivers and monitor the overtime                                                  : Daily

1.8 Maintain a database of car / truck and driver information                          : Quarterly

 1.9 Monitor fuel consumption and kilometrage                                                  : Daily

 1.10 Assist with vehicle purchases and replacements                                        : On request

 2. Asset Management: Weight: 20 %

 Key Performance INDICATORS                                                                 Performance Standards/Targets

 2.1 Assist in Periodic Inspection of Office Premises and assets and

request for repairs where necessary

2.2 Maintain all office equipment and furniture to ensure operational efficiency           : Daily

2.3 Assist in processing Insurance claims when necessary                                                    : Daily

 2.4 Assist in managing the asset register and disposal of absolute equipment                : Monthly

3. Procurement 20 %

Key Performance INDICATORS                                                                    Performance Standards/Targets

 3.1 Assist in sourcing for quotations for office repairs and maintenance       : On-going

 3.2 Source for quotations for bulk fuel from approved service providers

              and negotiate for discounts where necessary                                          : Monthly

 3.3 Source for quotations for office supplies and stationery from approved

    service providers                                                                                                       : Monthly

4. Administration Risk and Compliance Management Weight: 35 %

Key Performance INDICATORS                                                                     Performance Standards/Targets

 4.1 Prepare fuel usage reports for the whole fleet and investigate variances   :  Monthly

4.2 Assist in reviewing vehicle usage to ensure there is no abuse                         :  Monthly

4.3 Assist in ensuring that all facilities are secure and monitor performance

        of outsourced security service providers                                                             : On-going

4.4 Assist with process improvement                                                                           : On-going

 4.5 Ensure compliance with regulations                                                                      : Monthly

4.6 Assist in ensuring that procedures for Safety and Health are adhered to       : On-going

Key Decisions:

 Decides when to re-stock fuel and office supplies

 Decides on Office repairs to be carried out.

Accountable for:

Fuel management for LT DRC Fleet

 Process daily fuel requisitions and Monthly reconciliations

 Supervising of Drivers including outsourced ones

 Maintenance and repairs of office equipment and premises

 Fleet Management

Disseminates vehicle and safety information to drivers

 Promoting safe, cost-effective, and appropriate operation of fleet

Job Requirements

Profil recherché :


 Formal Qualifications Required                                                                                      Essential / Desirable

Bachelor’s Degree in supply chain management, economics, or business administration : Essential  Degree of similar academic qualification                                                                                      : Desirable

1.2 Experience

Job Related Experience Required                                                                                   Essential/Desirable                                            

years of experience in a fleet management role                                                    : Essential

 2  years in real estate or logistics Desirable Basic accounting experience                : Essential

1.3 Knowledge Areas

 Job Related Knowledge Required                                                                                  : Essential/Desirable

 Computer skills                                                                                                                   : Essential

Time management and organizational skills                                                                  : Essential

Valid driver’s license                                                                                                          : Essential

1.4 Skills Job Related Skills Required                                                                             : Essential / Desirable

Excellent written and verbal communication skills                                                      : Essential

 Ability to work independently and on own initiative                                                  : Essential

Ability to keep information confidential                                                                        : Essential

Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines                                                    : Essential

 1.5 Span of control Supervision / Coordination of People and Work Number of discreet

 Jobs                                                                                                                                     : 2

Number of people                                                                                                             : Approx. 10 drivers

Number of outsourced jobs


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