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Finance and Operations Officer




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Finance and Operations Officer


Location : Kinshasa, DRC  

Role definition

The PADM provides administrative expertise and financial accountability through all phases of project design, implementation, and evaluation. The PADM will officially report to their designated PATH supervisor. However, for project engagement, the PADM is also accountable to the project Responsible Project Manager (RPM), and the global administrator (US-based). 

The PADM shall uphold PATH’s core values, especially those of Respect, Equity, Integrity, and Collaboration in performance of duties.

The PADM will report directly to the Senior Project Administrator based in DRC.

PADMs shall serve as a resource to individuals and teams involved in the design, funding, and implementation of projects.   In this role, the PADM is available to assist with or manage the administrative, contractual, and financial aspects of the team’s efforts, such as -

  • Facilitate and coordinate the design, funding, and implementation of projects.
  • Uphold institutional responsibilities such as donor compliance, agreements, and annual budget and budget surveillance.
  • Coordinate or manage the administrative, contractual, and financial aspects of the team’s efforts.
  • Ensure that RPMs and project team are aware of administrative, contractual, and financial tools available for use.
  • Keep RPMs and project team informed of policies and procedures related to their work.
  • Secure services from within the site, or from Shared Services.

The project RPM has authority over, and is accountable for, all activities within his/her project.  The PADM assigned to a project is expected to coordinate closely with the RPM to facilitate activities and ensure protection of PATH’s and the donor’s investments.

Specific responsibilities of the PADM for the Project program include –


  • Provide administrative leadership, guidance, tools, and support for project implementation activities
  • Proactively review workplan/project activities for upcoming administrative, contracting, and budget process needs to facilitate timely engagement of, and respect for, PATH internal services and processes and avoid disruption of the technical workflow
  • Handle minimal administrative functions with office Shared Services
  • Coordinate program assistance from Shared Services
  • Ensure that RPM(s) and team are aware of PATH and project administrative, contractual, and financial tools and processes as they impact/facilitate project implementation.

Budgeting and Financial Accountability:

  • Develop budget(s) aligned to workplan activities, in collaboration with the RPM and using the assigned Project workplan and budgeting tool(s)
  • Inform the RPM(s) on the budget amount available per project activity
  • Review, approve and monitor expenditures in alignment with budget(s) and workplan(s), and in accordance with donor and PATH policies, and cost principles
  • Evaluate the status of budget(s) vs. expenditures (posted, and accrued) monthly using Project workplan and budget tool(s) in accordance with Project processes and deadlines
  • Review and update the status of Project workplan(s) and budget(s) monthly with the RPM(s) per the Project management principles
  • Track expenditure commitments and accruals include outstanding advances in the assigned Project workplan and budgeting tool(s) to maintain current and accurate budget status
  • Raise concerns to the RPM(s) and Project Global PADM/Finance and Administration Manager on budget over- or under-spending concerns
  • Actively track and follow-up on outstanding invoices from vendors and service providers and expense reports from project staff and consultants
  • Actively monitor General Ledger for posting of invoices/expenses and follow-up with accounting as necessary
  • Review the General Ledger with each monthly accounting closing for appropriateness and accuracy of coding, and submit correction requests promptly
  • Follow-up on outstanding project-related advances (workshop/event and employee), monthly, in coordination with accounting.
  • Conduct a monthly audit file of project transactions and ensure that all documents are properly filed in BW.

Business Development:

  • With support of the SPADM, assist with cost analysis, and budget development and narratives for new business opportunities.


  • Advise and keep RPM(s) and team informed of PATH and donor policies and procedures related to their work.
  • Evaluate activity requirements and financial commitments in accordance with the project award, PATH and donor policies and procedures, and PATH cost principles

Subordinate Agreements:

  • Facilitate development of subordinate agreements (consultant agreements, subawards, subcontracts, or other PATH agreement type) in compliance with PATH process, documentation, and accountability requirements.
  • Track and follow-up on agreement deliverables and invoices.
  • Secure RPM confirmation of completion and acceptance of deliverables/sub agreement fulfillment terms, prior to disbursement of funds under an agreement.
  • Review, confirm adequacy of documentation, and approve consultant and subaward financial documentation and payment requests.
  • Develop and maintain agreement profiles/files in Salesforce per PATH’s documentation requirements and processes.  – struck---this is imbedded in “PATH’s processes”
  • Request/facilitate creation or update consultant and sub agreement records in Salesforce and Business World (for example, vendor and payment record creation and updates).


  • Develop project procurement plan in accordance with office procurement planning process schedule
  • Initiate and/or facilitate procurement process for project purchases in accordance with PATH procurement policy(ies)
  • Communicate donor requirements for reporting and disposal of inventory to Procurement and/or Facilities, to ensure inventory management requirements are integrated into office inventory management process(es).
  • Track and ensure accuracy of project inventory (if applicable), validating to GL records of project purchases, equipment disposal documentation, and PATH’s Fixed Assets, Project Equipment, and Inventory policy.
  • Maintain inventory report on a quarterly basis for all equipment bought for the project

Global project Engagement:

  • Respond to general and project-specific requests for information and assistance related to local process, status, and implementation of project priorities

Must have legal authorization to work in DRC.

PATH is dedicated to building an inclusive workforce where diversity is valued.
PATH is an equal opportunity employer. Every qualified applicant will be considered for employment. PATH does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or orientation, genetic information, age, national origin, marital status, disability status, political ideology, military or protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.

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