Officer, Client & Account Services

Officer, Client & Account Services




Le poste



Titre du poste : Officer, Client & Account Services
Département : CAS (Operations)
Lieu d’affectation : Kinshasa
Type de contrat : CDI assorti d’une période d’essai de 3 mois


Standard Bank RDC fait partie du plus grand groupe bancaire de l’Afrique en termes de capitalisation boursière dont le siège se situé à Johannesburg. Présente dans 38 pays dont 18 en Afrique, c’est depuis 1992 qu’elle opère au Congo à la suite de l’acquisition d’ANZ Grindlays Zaire qui existait dans le pays depuis 1973.

Standard Bank RDC offre une gamme variée de produits et services par le truchement de ses diverses branches à travers la RDC via un réseau des intermédiaires (banques correspondantes). Nous avons développé une expertise dans la prestation des services liés aux besoins des entreprises minières, multinationales, Nations-Unies et autres organisations internationales opérant en République Démocratique du Congo.

Nos équipes allient leur connaissance approfondie sur les conditions et déterminants du marché en RDC à l’expertise du Groupe Standard Bank opérant dans les marchés émergeants aux fins de développement des solutions sur mesure répondant aux besoins de la clientèle.


Links to structures




Job function*

Business Support

Job family*

Operations Business Support

Job reports to*

Team Leader, Client & Account Services

Career type*




Level of work*

1 – Front Line Service and Administration

Job purpose description*

To provide an effective customer enquiry and query resolution service by interacting in a professional, friendly manner with internal as well as external clients. 

Job criticality

Operationally Critical

Key responsibilities*

Output group 1*

Attend to query resolution

Outputs and measures*

  • Follow up on all queries raised by branches, CCC & business units to ensure completion and resolution.
  • Ensure that telephones are answered promptly and according to laid-down standards.
  • Ensure that telephonic queries/problems relating to c o py credits, statements, cheques and account transactions are investigated and resolved promptly.
  • Ensure accuracy of information when resolving and capturing queries.
  • Adheres to procedures in place to meet and maintain quality service levels and turn-around times. Strive for continuous service improvement.
  • Ensure that the Code of Banking Practice is adhered to.
  • Undertake root cause analysis to prevent recurring problems/queries.
  • Ensure that confidentiality of client information is maintained at all times.

Output group 2*

Provide business specific resolution

Outputs and measures*

  • Dedicated product SME (i.e. anything that can’t be resolved immediately and needs escalation)

Output group 3*

Ensure service fulfilment (Utility)

Outputs and measures*

  • Ensure that all Activates that require physical capture to resolve customer queries are done on available platforms

Output group 4*

Maintain quality assurance analysis

Outputs and measures*

  • Action all Queries received are well recorded under proper categories to facilitate analysis, Escalations and Complaints Management.

Output group 5*

Attend to client Onboarding and document control & verification

Outputs and measures*

  • Action all related client on boarding requests and review process to completion of onboarding cylcle
  • Follow up for documents on Client on boarding risk reminders
  • Adhere to Group Standard and policy
  • Action account opening, amendment applications received
  • Ensure that they are of the minimum required standard. To accurately perform all required checks in accordance with laid down procedures.

Output group 6*

Action signature mandates and account opening/closing

Outputs and measures *

  • Action and load customer signatures and Photos are scanned and loaded on
  • Actioning requests for accounts opening closure as per procedure

Output group 7*

Attend to Internet Banking, BOL Onboarding and BOL 1st line Support

Outputs and measures

  • Actioning of customer instructions and queried via Electronic Channels for Internet Banking customers (i.e. IB Pin generation)
  • System on boarding, Token distribution, activation & support

Output group 8*

Routing of customer instructions

Outputs and measures

  • Ensure the validation of customer instructions in line will process
  • Performing of callbacks
  • Ensure the routing of relevant customer transactional requests are in line with process




Formal minimum qualification 1*

Type of qualification: Higher Certificate
Field of study: Business Commerce



Experience required 1*



Job Function: Business Support
Job Family: Operations Business Support
Years: 3-4 Years
Experience Description: Minimum 2-4 years customer and account servicing experience in the financial services sector.

Behavioural Competencies



Behavioural competency 1*

Competency Label: Checking Details
Competency Description: This competency is concerned with the careful checking and confirmation of details in a task. Another behaviour associated with the “Checking Details” competency is being accurate. Being accurate requires individuals to have a strong quality orientation as well as to be thorough and detailed in their approach when completing tasks in order to avoid making mistakes.

Behavioural competency 2*

Competency Label: Meeting Timescales
Competency Description: This competency involves individuals adhering to time scales and meeting deadlines. The focus is therefore on being reliable at completing tasks and being punctual.

Behavioural competency 3

Competency Label: Following Procedures
Competency Description: The important behaviours associated with “Following Procedures” in the organisation include adhering to rules, following instructions and being risk averse.

Behavioural competency 4

Competency Label: Upholding Standards
Competency Description: “Upholding Standards” within the organisation is important for ensuring that high quality products and services are provided as well as for ensuring that trust is created and maintained. Individuals need to focus on developing proper and discreet behaviour and to honour their commitments in order to be effective at demonstrating this competency.

Behavioural competency 5

Competency Label: Completing Tasks
Competency Description: This competency is about completing tasks and projects in a structured manner by employing effective planning and prioritising skills. Once tasks have been planned and priorities have been set, individuals also need to be able to manage the project or task to completion in order to demonstrate effectiveness. 

Technical Competencies

Technical competency 1*



Competency Label: Product Knowledge
Competency Description: Knowledge and understanding of the features, benefits and pricing of the products and services on offer to business banking customers.
Proficiency Level: BASIC - Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision

Technical competency 2*



Competency Label: Processing
Competency Description: Understands and applies account application and submission processes and related activities.
Proficiency Level: BASIC - Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision

Technical competency 3*



Competency Label: Banking Process and Procedures
Competency Description: Sound knowledge of the Bank's laid down policies and procedures as it relates to the processing of customer transactions.
Proficiency Level: BASIC - Applies elementary concepts to develop activities under supervision

Technical competency 4


Competency Label: Client Servicing
Competency Description: The ability to respond to client requirements, queries and complaints and log order entries into relevant company system.
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT - Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Technical competency 5





Competency Label: Telephone Caller Handling
Competency Description: Able to solve problems and queries and make suggestions, related to product or service delivery across multiple query/product types in conversational manner. Ability to hold a conversation, use telephone and the system simultaneously (multi-tasking) while adapting communication style. Can ask open ended questions, listen and take time to ensure understanding and clarity. The ability to organise thoughts, summarise, frame and simplify the conversation.
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT - Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Additional Job Dimensions

Business accountability: Impact on end result*

Shared - Jointly accountable with peers in our outside immediate department


Financial accountability*

Type of Budget: No Budget Managed

Internal relationships*



Business area: CIB Operations
Job: Broader Team within Operations
Nature of relationship: Provide and receive a service
Sphere of influence: Limited to their department only

External relationships*


Role type of external contact: Limited external relationships with customers
Nature of relationship: Provide customer service
Description or examples: Execute on requests as provided by customers

Accountability for problem solving*



Degree of guidance received to solve problems:
Routine - Standard instructions and close supervision
Description or examples: Execute on requests as provided by customers

Degree of original thought required to solve problems:

Patterned - Similar situations, solution by choice of known processes

Description or examples: Execute on requests as provided by customers

Accountability for planning of activities*

Specific tasks are performed

Description or examples: Execute on requests as provided by customers

Discretion allowed for decision making*

Controlled - Existing work instructions and established routine

Description or examples: Execute on requests as provided by customers

Work environment*

Working Conditions: Shift Work may be required
Physical Requirements: Open plan office                 


Les personnes intéressées sont priées d’adresser leurs candidatures par e-mail à l’adresse électronique [email protected] en reprenant l’intitulé du poste en objet de leur e-mail. Les dossiers comprendront uniquement une lettre de motivation ainsi qu’un Curriculum Vitae détaillé à jour (en Français et en Anglais) renseignant les numéros de téléphone et adresses e-mails d’au moins trois personnes de référence.

Seuls les candidats de nationalité congolaise remplissant les critères susmentionnés seront considérés pour la suite du processus. Les candidatures féminines sont vivement encouragées.

La date de clôture pour la réception des candidatures est fixée au vendredi 17 septembre 2021 à 17h00’ .


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