Group Real Estate and Physical Security Manager

Group Real Estate and Physical Security Manager




Le poste

Standard Bank Job Description – Manager GRES


Functional Job title*

Group Real Estate and Physical Security Manager

Industry job title:

Not applicable

Alternative job titles:

Logistics Manager/ Security Manager

Links to structures

Job function*

Real Estate Management

Job family*

Corporate Real Estate Management

Job reports to*

Head Operations (Country)

Career type*



Job purpose description*

To ensure efficient operation of the Bank’s real estate facilities and building equipment, as well as the care of buildings, grounds and support equipment through the direction of technical support staff and third party maintenance contractors. Accountable for the Bank’s physical and other security operations. The role is aimed at ensuring tight security standards and disciplines are observed and entrenched across the Bank with the objective of influencing sustainable and efficient operations in line with Standard Bank Group security standards and regulatory guidelines.

Job criticality

Operationally Critical

Key Responsibilities

Output group 1*

Oversee the occupation and maintenance of corporate office buildings

Outputs and measures*

  • Participate in the negotiation of lease terms and conditions with management and procurement teams by providing the technical input on the occupant’s requirements.
  • Monitor lease expiry dates for a portfolio of buildings on the SAP leasing system and alert the procurement team in Group Real Estate Services on the need to renew or renegotiate leases.
  • Receive calls and emails from employees in the buildings on premises related issues. Determine if the issue can be resolved by the internal facilities team of if it should be resolved by contractors or the landlord.
  • Engage with the landlord’s site or building manager to arrange maintenance or repairs for items that are included in the landlord’s agreement, typically structural, electrical and air conditioning related items.
  • Monitor the landlord’s adherence to contractually agreed services. Escalate to the landlord and further escalate non-compliance to operations management.
  • Review invoices received for rent and other items billed by the landlord against contract conditions. Make recommendations to operations management on whether to pay as is or ask for corrections.
  • Resolve incoming billing issues raised by the landlord by investigating the issues and providing feedback to the landlord. If there are financial implications – for example additional payments due or refunds that need to be processes, make recommendations to the operations manager on how to proceed.
  • Review the maintenance schedule for electrical, elevator and plumbing supplies in the buildings. Ensure that maintenance contractors execute according to the schedule and that approved contractors are used for ad hoc maintenance.
  • Participate in the development of the technical specifications for tenders to be issued into the market for building maintenance contracts. Form part of the tender review panels.
  • Oversee the issuance of access cards for employees and visitors. Ensure that group standards are adhered to in terms of the issuance and expiry of cards.
  • Manage project – internal moves whether they be large scale team moves or individuals relocating within or between corporate office buildings.
  • Participate in the crisis management process when buildings are not accessible or functioning by supporting the temporary relocation to disaster recovery sites. For building issues, engage with landlords and contractors to restore the building in the shortest possible timeline.
  • Ensure that auxiliary buildings such as storage facilities are managed to standards.
  • Source strategic tactical information and plot this information on the Risk Matrix and maintain the document.
  • Manage the Bank’s vehicle fleet and drivers
  • Security
  • Timeously and accurately interpret data and information obtained from the field.
  • Manage information technology on incidents.
  • Provide the strategic prediction of security trends and patterns.
  • Compile sound analytical and systematic reports, Analyse monthly Ops Risk & Compliance Reports to Exco, to identify areas where FCC be involved..
  • Development of risk profile matrices in alliance with the project management team.
  • Furnish recommendations based on factual analysis,
  • Be involved up front on site selection for Branch Build, co ordination with centre for approvals and security installations.
  • Ensure involvement in sign off of blue prints for branches, ATM’s, cash centres and head office buildings by country
  • Supervision of installation of Security equipment, Access control, CCTV, Alarms, Fire detection.
  • Setting up security controls in line with the prevailing environment and Formulate a security framework for the region with the focus on value engineering and fit for purpose security solutions.
  • Keeping a close track on security threats and alerting the network as necessary
  • Constant monitoring of security equipment and ensuring its maintenance and upgrade timeously in line with the required standards, Approved minimum standards for physical security to be adhered to, in line with Group Standards and Central Bank requirements.
  • In conjunction with Head of AFCC Security services, design, implement SOP.
  • Train staff and guarding service providers on relevant SOP. 
  • Maintenance of SLA with service providers, guarding and Police.
  • Taking accountability of security breaches and playing the role of a security champion within the Bank
  • Development of Security Awareness programmes for both staff and clients (internal and external).
  • Develop and maintain Process for Extraction and Repatriation of Expats
  • Monitoring the implementation of SLAs with security services companies
  • Supervising security guards and conducting surprise checks as necessary.
  • Regular site visits and Audit reports
  • Network with agencies (governmental and non-governmental), other banks and non banking institutions to establish national security intelligence data source and data bases.
  • Provide Information, Guidance and necessary protection for SBA Travelers into the SBA Regions directly and through support of the Control room
  • Consequence Management Detailed follow up and reporting on all incidents.
  • Submit monthly reports to Head AFCC Security Services on

Key threats facing the Bank
Material losses and Near misses
Key Initiatives to combat financial Crime

  •       Material matters of interest
  •  Provide emergency incident management guidelines per country.
  •  Ensure effective security service provider relationship management per country


Output group 2*

Oversee the engineering specifications of the corporate offices

Outputs and measures *

  • Recommend approval of the plans to operations management or work with the engineers to improve the plans. This includes plans for water supply, electricity and the structure and layout of the offices.
  • Ensure that local occupational health and safety measures are in place in all designs.
  • Review the look and feel of signage, carpets, desks, storage and other items used in office fit-out to ensure that it meets the bank’s standards in terms of corporate identity.
  • Review the utilisation of corporate office space on a quarterly basis. Work with business teams to forecast demand for growth or reduction in space. Make recommendations to operations management on how to reallocate space to improve utilisation and cost efficiency.
  • Work with the finance teams to review the charging of office space on an annual basis. Determine the usable and rentable office space ratios and make recommendations on when to charge per headcount and then to charge for actual space allocated.


Output group 3*

Manage the health and safety processes in the corporate offices

Outputs and measures *

  • Ensure that designated health and safety officers are appointed in line with local regulatory requirements.
  • Drive the appointment of internal health and safety representatives including evacuation wardens, first aiders, fire wardens etc. Keep track of the competence training of the representatives and work with Human Capital to arrange new appointee and refresher training.
  • Arrange the installation of signage and notices as required according to the bank and local building regulations. Arrange maintenance of emergency lighting and fire safety equipment at the required intervals.
  • Report all incidents of injury on duty as well as near misses. Drive the investigation of the root causes. Provide reports to local authorities and insurers as required.
  • Schedule evacuation drills at the required intervals. Review the results of the drills and make recommendations to operations management on procedures that need improvement.


Output group 4

Ensure facilities governance standards are adhered to

Outputs and measures

  • Ensure that all facilities third party procurement adhere to procurement standards in terms of requesting quotations, issuing purchase orders and processing goods receipts for payments.
  • Conduct supplier reviews for the formal supplier evaluation process coordinated by procurement. Highlight performance deficiencies and provide supporting documentation on request.
  • Maintain building registers to ensure that the bank has a record of which space is allocated to which employees. Update databases and floorplans with the latest information on at least a monthly basis.
  • Participate in stock takes of physical assets (desks, chairs, fridges etc) when requested by finance. Advice finance when new assets are procured or when old assets are sold or discarded.
  • Ensure that the team and employees in the buildings understand the standard procedures and protocols for contacting emergency services. Act as primary interface when there is engagement with ambulance, fire or police services needed on premises.
  • Coach team members on the processes and controls that they have to execute in their daily work. Create a clear understanding of the reasons for the controls and the consequences of not adhering.               
  • Review a sample of team members' work on a weekly basis. Coach team members on control improvements required. Highlight substantial control failures to the manager of the area. 
  • Maintain documentation as required by departmental processes. Make these available to assurance and audit colleagues on request.        
  • Identify losses due to processing errors or internal fraud in the department. Escalate to the manager and provide documentation supporting the logging of these incidents.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the compliance requirements that apply to the department, coach team members on the requirements and monitor adherence.            
  • Monitor attendance to compliance training and schedule team members to attend when their training is due.       
  • Explain the requirements for Business Continuity Management to the team and participate in business continuity tests. Maintain the contact details of team members for BCM purposes.
  • Review circulars and communications on a daily basis and make team members aware of all changes to policies, processes and standards that apply to the department.


Output group 5

Oversee the proper use and maintenance of bank-owned and leased light motor vehicles

Outputs and measures

  • Assign the usage of pool and executive use vehicles to designated drivers in the bank. This includes managing the issuance and retrieval of keys.
  • Monitor the usage of vehicles by reviewing the driver log books on a weekly basis. Address shortcomings in the logging immediately.
  • Monitor the utilisation of fuel, oil and tyres to determine if the drivers are using the vehicles correctly. Address issues identified. This could include recommending replacement of the vehicles if they are breaking down or using excessive oil.
  • Ensure that the licencing and insurance of the vehicles are up to date.
  • Book the vehicles for scheduled maintenance and ad hoc repairs. Obtain approval for non-planned repairs or accident damage repairs from operations management.
  • Complete documentation needed for insurance claims in case of accidents or theft.
  • Verify the validity of drivers’ licenses for new drivers. Work with Human Capital to retrieve the files of drivers to check that the verification was done.
  • Make recommendations to operations management when vehicles reach end of life and participate in the process to buy new or replacement cars.


Output group 6

Manage a small facilities management team

Outputs and measures

  • Allocate activities to team members in order to achieve day to day operational targets.
  • Prioritise workflow and refine work schedules within the productivity norms for the area.  
  • Based on gaps in output, motivate requests to the manager of the area for additional resources including people, budgets and equipment.           
  • Explain business unit objectives to team members through at least weekly engagement.  
  • Explain targets for customer experience, cost performance, risk, productivity etc. to team members and escalate their concerns or questions to the line manager.            
  • Conduct basic analysis on the outputs of team members to identify potential blockages such as equipment failure, development gaps, people issues and inefficient processes. Make recommendations to the manager on how to fix these.       
  • Monitor adherence to processes and coach team members on corrective actions.            
  • Populate reports and scorecards for the area for management decision making purposes.
  • Monitor adherence to service levels defined for the department on a daily basis. Put in place corrective measures and escalate concerns.        
  • Coach team members on a daily basis on how to improve their outputs and on the effective use of the banks tools, systems and templates.          
  • Review training needs with members of the team and ensure that planned training is booked and that team members are released to participate in the training. Maximise the use of available e-Learning.            
  • Maintain a succession plan for the team by reviewing the skills of the team at least twice a year and having career conversations with them.                        
  • Monitor the productivity and capacity of the team members and highlight gaps to the manager.
  • Maintain leave schedules for the team. Review leave captured on the system and follow up with team members for leave that has not been captured.         
  • Monitor overtime and ensure that it is kept to within acceptable limits for the department.
  • When there are performance or misconduct issues in the team, engage with the line manager to implement disciplinary proceedings. Support the collection of evidence for hearings and act as witness when required.


Output group 7

Physical Security

Outputs and measures

The accurate measurement of results / outputs
The reduction of cost / losses through the timeous provision and communication of predictive patterns.
The prevention of violent and/or commercial crime.
The development of a heat map (blueprint) of the current status and potential outcomes or predictions.
Time specific execution.
Comply with all the banks Governance policies applicable to his role and always act in an honest, ethical, objective manner, in the best interest of the bank.
Pro-active security threat assessment on elections and deploy appropriate security counter measures

  • Points of Representation, Produce reports, update on national / local crime situation and trends, provide security advice and assistance, create security awareness and vigilance

Manage in Country security requirements in line with country Central Bank and Group Minimum Standards where applicable.



Formal minimum qualification 1*

Type of qualification: First Degree
Field of study: Project Management

Preferred qualification 1

Type of qualification: Post Graduate Diploma
Field of study: Project Management

Preferred qualification 2

Type of qualification: Choose an item.
Field of study: Choose an item.

Preferred other qualifications, certifications or professional memberships

Certified Facilities Supervisor


Experience required 1*

Job Function: Real Estate Management
Job Family: Corporate Real Estate Management
Years: 3-4 Years
Experience Description: Click here to enter text.

Behavioural Competencies

Behavioural competency 1*

Competency Label: Checking Details
Competency Description:This competency is concerned with the careful checking and confirmation of details in a task. Another behaviour associated with the “Checking Details” competency is being accurate. Being accurate requires individuals to have a strong quality orientation as well as to be thorough and detailed in their approach when completing tasks in order to avoid making mistakes.

Behavioural competency 2*

Competency Label: Following Procedures
Competency Description:The important behaviours associated with “Following Procedures” in the organisation include adhering to rules, following instructions and being risk averse.

Behavioural competency 3*

Competency Label: Interacting with People
Competency Description:This competency is about fostering relationships that benefit the organisation as well as an individual’s effectiveness and efficiency. More specifically, it includes personal networking behaviours, making contact with others and strengthening relationships.

Behavioural competency 4*

Competency Label: Showing Composure
Competency Description:This is about the extent to which individuals can remain calm under pressure and maintain poise before and during important events. As such, the competency addressed in this document is concerned with the extent to which individuals show behaviours that lead to the effective handling of pressurised situations. 

Behavioural competency 5*

Competency Label: Inviting Feedback
Competency Description:This competency involves the extent to which individuals are receptive to feedback and open to criticism as well as the extent to which they actively seek feedback.

Behavioural competency 6*

Competency Label: Taking Action
Competency Description:This competency is about taking action in service of achieving the organisation's goals. It is about being energetic, showing initiative and being action oriented. 

Behavioural competency 7*

Competency Label: Directing People
Competency Description:This competency emphasises the “leading” or “giving direction” part of leadership. The effective display of the “Leading People” competency is highly dependent on the effective display of a number of other competencies. Leading people is about taking control of as well as coordinating people and resources. While there are many different views on what leadership is, in this case, the concern is not focused on what leadership is, but is rather focused on the generic behaviour associated with leading people.


Technical Competencies

Technical competency 1*

Competency Label:Building Engineering
Competency Description:The ability to determine the requirements for electricity, water, air conditioning and other aspects of buildings.
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT – Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Technical competency 2*

Competency Label:Office Logistics
Competency Description:The ability to plan office space and engage with the relevant functions to make changes to floorplans or equipment.
Proficiency Level: SEASONED – Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required

Technical competency 3*

Competency Label:Space Planning
Competency Description:Is able to document, analyse and allocate office space according to the occupancy standards defined by the Bank.
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT – Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Technical competency 4*

Competency Label:Occupational Health and Safety
Competency Description:The knowledge and understanding of regulatory requirements that govern the safety and health of employees who work in company buildings.
Proficiency Level: SEASONED – Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required

Technical competency 5*

Competency Label:Physical Security Management
Competency Description:The ability to assess the risks of physical threats to the premises of the bank and create measures to minimise the risks.
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT – Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Technical competency 6*

Competency Label:Occupant Services
Competency Description:The ability to determine services required by building occupants and contract and deliver those services.
Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT – Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Leadership Competencies

Leadership competency 1*

Competency Label:Customer and Client Focused Innovation
Competency Description:Focusing attention and efforts on understanding customers (or customer segments) and proactively addressing different customer/client needs. Makes organisational changes or innovates when needed to address customer/client needs.
Proficiency Level:Adapts to meet customer/client needs; Adapts existing products, services, processes etc. to better meet specific customer needs. Uses understanding of customer needs to adapt products, systems processes and procedures that ensure customer satisfaction.

Leadership competency 2*

Competency Label:Leading Courageously
Competency Description:Believing in oneself, own judgement, skills and experience, and using this self-confidence to challenge others for the benefit of Standard Bank.
Proficiency Level: Has confidence to deal with criticism and disagreement; Has the ability to manage own feelings and emotions (especially in difficult circumstances) so that these don't interfere with performance.

Leadership competency 3*

Competency Label:Driving Delivery of results
Competency Description:Proactively identifies business opportunities or barriers to business performance and addresses them. Takes accountability for improving the business. Demonstrates a sense of urgency around the achievement of stretching business goals.
Proficiency Level: Makes decisions and takes action to improve performance; Makes changes to plans, offerings, etc. to get better results, improve business performance.

Leadership competency 4*

Competency Label:Aligning Business to Strategy
Competency Description:Understands the line-of-sight between strategy and organisational implementation. Translates the organisational strategy into specific decisions and actions to ensure the strategy implementation. Aligns resources to effectively execute against the strategic direction.
Proficiency Level: Aligns resources and structure to strategy; Adjusts resources, roles, job structures, accountabilities, processes, systems, etc. to ensure organisational alignment.

Leadership competency 5*

Competency Label:Holding People Accountable
Competency Description:Sets clear performance standards and expectations, and holds others accountable when these are not met. Takes accountability for team delivery against the expectations and contribution to results.
Proficiency Level: Explicitly states performance expectations; Is clear when communicating performance expectations. Demands high levels of performance or the need for improvement.


No leadership competencies identified
Additional Job Dimensions

Business accountability: Impact on end result*

Contributory ­- Advisory or facilitating services for use by others

Description or examples:The job holder is responsible for creating an office environment that is conducive to employee productivity

Typical direct reports for this job*

Job Title:Facilities Team Leader
Number: 1-3
Job Title:Click here to enter text.
Number: Choose an item.

Indirect reports

Job Family:Real Estate Management
Number: 1-10
Job Family:Click here to enter text.
Number: Choose an item.

Financial accountability*

Type of Budget: Operational Budget
Size of Budget (ZAR equivalent): ……………… million, depending on the portfolio of buildings
Type of accountability: Monitoring only

Internal relationships*

Business area:All business areas occupying the portfolio of buildings
Job:All employees
Nature of relationship: Provide a service to them
Sphere of influence: Limited to their department only
Description or examples: Regular engagement to ensure that the office space is in good working order.

Business area:Group Real Estate Management
Job:Country engagement teams
Nature of relationship: Receive a service from them
Sphere of influence: Limited to their department only
Description or examples: Regular collaboration on occupancy standards, leasing and vendor performance management

Business area:Procurement
Job:Category managers and buyers
Nature of relationship: Receive a service from them
Sphere of influence: Limited to their department only
Description or examples: Collaborate on purchasing of contractor services and for contract negotiations (maintenance and leasing).

External relationships*

Role type of external contact:Account Managers at third party facilities management contractors
Nature of relationship: Manage the relationship
Description or examples: Arranging service delivery, escalating open items, resolving billing issues

Role type of external contact:Regulatory inspectors
Nature of relationship: Provide customer service
Description or examples: Providing information and building access for health and safety inspections.

Accountability for problem solving*

Degree of guidance received to solve problems:
Clearly Defined – Policies, principles, readily available direction
Description or examples: The manager facilities has to operate within group and regulatory standards.

Degree of original thought required to solve problems:

Variable – Differing situations within boundaries of experience

Description or examples: Daily routines are fairly predictable, but the manager facilities also needs the ability to respond appropriately to unplanned events such as building break-ins, employee injuries, motor vehicle accidents or building failures.

Accountability for planning of activities*

Performance or supervision of varied activities

Description or examples: The role is focused on end to end facilities management for one or more corporate office buildings.

Discretion allowed for decision making*

Regulated – Closely defined procedures, manager review of progress and results

Description or examples: Routine decisions are made by the facilities manager without further escalation. Ad hoc requests and items that have a budget implication have to be referred to operations management.

Work environment*

Working Conditions 1: Night work may be required
Working Conditions 2: Choose an item.
Physical Requirements 1: No specific physical requirements           
Physical Requirements 2: Choose an item.

Regulatory Requirements:

Regulated Role:*


Regulations that apply:

Choose an item.


For Job Architecture Use only:

Date Published

Click here to enter a date.

Level of Work

Choose an item.

Job Evaluation Outcome

Job Evaluation Points: Click here to enter text.
Grade Table: Choose an item.
Assigned Grade: Choose an item.

Job Requester

Click here to enter text.

Job Approver

Click here to enter text.

Job Family Approver

Click here to enter text.

SA Market Survey Match

Market Survey Name: Remchannel
Market Survey Reference Number:369 Facilities Manager I

Country Survey Match
(to be captured against position)

Country Survey Name: Hay Group
Country Survey Reference Code: PTB 15

Job evaluated by

Click here to enter text.

Competency profile formally completed?

Choose an item.

Object Code


Industry job code:

Click here to enter text.

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Deadline : 31 Mars 2019


Société : Standard Bank

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