Spécialistes en gestion de projet de l’USAID (BHA)

Contexte et mission :

STATEMENT OF DUTIES 1. General Statement of Purpose of the Contract The Bureau for Humanitarian Affairs (BHA) handles all humanitarian assistance for USAID. The BHA has established a Sub-regional Office in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which reports to the Regional Office in Nairobi, Kenya. The sub-regional office is responsible for BHA programs in Central African Republic and the Republic of Congo as well as in DRC. With an annual budget of $386 million, BHA’s DRC program is one of the largest humanitarian portfolios in the world. The DRC team has a staffing pattern of twenty positions: an Office Director and Deputy Office Director, 2 team leaders, 4 program officers, 5 project management specialists, 1 deputy team leader, 1 Senior Regional Program Officer, 1 Regional Humanitarian Affairs Officer, 2 Administrative Assistants and 2 drivers.

The BHA DRC team ensures the effective planning, oversight, implementation and evaluation of emergency and development resources valued on average over the past three years at $380 million. Funding is through InternationalDisaster Assistance (cash) and Title II (in-kind food). On average the team oversees delivery of 90,315 metric tons of Title II food aid each year in addition to cashbased programming. The BHA team portfolio ranges from 5-year development to 12-18 month emergency awards. These involve a range of specialized regulations due to various U.S. appropriations for humanitarian response, as well as host country requirements. Assistance covers a range of modalities from in-kind Title II food aid to cash-based transfers to activity grants and technical assistance. BHA implements awards in as many as fourteen provinces. Most of these are in a highly volatile, complex emergency context, with limited access due to ongoing fighting, lack of transportation infrastructure, and seasonal flooding. BHA targets both conflict-affected populations and the most food insecure populations in refugee camps, ad hoc sites for displaced persons, remote rural communities and peri-urban areas. Annually the team manages approximately forty-five emergency awards with international private voluntary organizations (PVOs) and with Public International Organizations (PIOs). BHA also manages three development assistance awards (valued at $10 million/year each) with PVOs in the DRC. The BHA Project Management Specialist will ensure effective management of BHA resources primarily in the DRC, and as needed in the ROC and CAR. His/her primary responsibility is to effectively assess humanitarian needs, then plan an appropriate response using a variety of USG tools. S/He will be responsible for the proper, transparent application and use of USG emergency and development assistance. The incumbent analyzes the humanitarian situation, reports on the impacts of shocks on lives and livelihoods, and briefs on conditions of vulnerable communities. S/He helps design and monitor strategic approaches and partnerships to build save lives, reduce suffering and strengthen resilience.

The BHA Project Management Specialist ensures assistance is being targeted and distributed effectively and equitably with attention placed on protection of beneficiaries. S/He serves as Activity Manager for an average of five awards valued at approximately $22 million/year and is the alternate for an equal secondary portfolio. S/He is further expected to support the full portfolio through technical backstopping in a specialized field such as markets, livelihoods, health, agriculture, water/sanitation, nutrition, protection, or supply chain management. The position requires a great deal of independence during travel and use of personal judgment. S/He will be expected to participate and represent BHA interests with outside stakeholders, such as local authorities and humanitarian working groups. The BHA Specialist is expected to spend approximately 25% of his/her time traveling for site visits, monitoring, partner and representational meetings, and evaluations

Profil recherché :

PHYSICAL DEMANDS The work requested does not involve undue physical demands.


Determines minimum qualifications required for the position.

Offerors who do not meet all of the education, experience and language factors are considered NOT qualified for the position.

a. Education: University (Bachelor’s) degree in the technical field relevant to humanitarian assistance (such as agriculture, environment, health, economics, water/sanitation, social sciences, public administration or international relations).

b. Prior Work Experience:

At least 5 years progressively responsible experience in the field of food assistance or in the implementation and monitoring of other humanitarian or development programs with U.S. or host government agencies, United Nations, Private Voluntary Organizations or other such organization with emergency or development capacity.

c. Language Proficiency: Level IV English and French proficiency (speaking/reading) is required.

Level IV speaking for a local language, e.g. Kiswahili, Lingala, Tshiluba, Kikongo, etc…

Written and oral English must be at the level to prepare reports, briefings, summaries, presentations, etc. at the USAID Mission and Ambassador levels.

AVIS DE RECRUTEMENT EXTERNE 057 2021 Expert.e formation – emploi_prospection du secteur privé Lieu d’affectation                      : Kinshasa (fréquentes missions à Lubumbashi et                                                                         Kolwezi)       Date d’entrée en fonction  …