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Standard Bank Job Description Template


Job title*

Manager, Exchange Control (Excon)

Object Code

<<To be assigned in SAP>>

Industry job title:

Not applicable

Industry job code:


Alternative job titles:

Manager, Excon

Links to structures

Job function*

Business Support

Job family*

Operations Control

Job reports to*

Head of Operations

Career type*



Level of Work*

3 – Managerial

Job purpose description*

  • To manage an efficient Exchange Control service to both internal and external customers within the parameters of the Exchange Control Rulings issued by the Central Bank of DRC by 1) developing, implementing and continuously improving the Exchange Control functions, processes and procedures, in co-ordination with the Head of Production, with a view of ensuring efficient and effective functioning and high level of service within the Exchange Control function, 2) acting as a point of entry for all Central Bank Exchange Control related activities and communication and 3) managing and leading an effective team to ensure that client transactions are supported by relevant Excon activities within timelines

Job criticality

Operationally Critical

Key Responsibilities

Outputs group 1

Provide EXCON Advisory Services to Corporate/Business Banking Clients

Outputs and measures *

  • Maintain professional relationship withstakeholders clients; and advise them of exchange control rulings and related processes
  • Attend Client and Regulatory meetings either alone or with Management

Outputs group 2

Administer systems

Outputs and measures *

  • Ensure corporate clients receive information on Exchange Control changes
  • Manage access to regulatory systems (ISYS, Seguce)
  • .

Outputs group 3

  • Execute operational excellence

Outputs and measures

  • Ensure that all regulatory returns are rendered within applicable deadlines
  • Ensure that the Bankis protected through vigilance and compliance with all exchange control related rules and regulations.
  • Ensuring that all transactions relating to exchange control applications and processing are attended to within the agreed parameters.
  • Take accountability for areas of responsibility and showing willingness to share and extend existing knowledge at hand
  • Champion a client ethic by building and maintaining credible relationships with internal and external clients
  • Educate clients about Exchange Control legislation and policy affecting their businesses
  • Excellent customer management and service skills
  • Ensure that nostro accounts are reconciled and investigated for IBC related items. Open items must be reconciled within 30 days maximum.
  • Hosting of central bank auditors
  • Preparation of schedules for auditors or regulatory examiners
  • Communicate effectively with all units of the bank as well as correspondent banks on all issues affecting the reconciliation of foreign exchange transactions where applicable.
  • Provide a consulting service to all units dealing in foreign exchange.
  • Introduce best practices to promote risk awareness.
  • Ensure effective support is provided to maintain the ongoing workflow of the units.
  • Initiate and drive to simplicity processes and procedures by recommending best practices.
  • Highlight irregular practices and take corrective action whenever possible.
  • Seeking approval from the Central bank regarding all applications, and approval outside of the central banks guidelines
  • Facilitate inspections and audits from Central Regulators
  • Be point of entry to Regulator for all exchange control matters
  • Ensure transactional compliance activities are performed within cut off times and regulatory deadlines without compromising quality
  • Ensure compliance of customer international transactions to National foreign exchange control (ExCon) laws.
  • Validate client documents presented to substantiate transactions are in conformance with Excon.
  • Ensure relevant fees are paid for licence activities
  •  from clients to meet regulatory requirement obligations
  • Understand and inform customers and colleagues of licencing process and other supporting regulatory processes
  • Compiling reviewing, correcting (in need) & transmitting compliant Bank reports and data to the Central Bank (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Reconcile reporting data at various stages of processing (including at draft National statistics) & take corrective action as may be necessary
  • Be able to understand and apply Excon rules to transactions 

Output group 4

  • Manage people and self-development


  • Drives a performance management and career development culture through mentoring and motivating in regular team and one-on-one meetings to ensure optimal performance and minimise staff turnover rate
  • Ensures that the correct calibre of staff is recruited by participating in the recruitment process thereby ensuring the Production area has the correct talent to meet the Strategic goals at all times
  • Ensures that resources are skilled across the different processes to enable cross product and cross function workload balancing
  • Identifies appropriate formal and occupational (informal) training needs and courses (internal/external) to develop oneself.
  • Up-Skills oneself regarding new products and procedures through attendance of workshops/presentations and reading of internal and external communications

Outputs group 5

  • Manage Internal Controls



Outputs and measures

  • Continually assess IBC operations & advise on areas requiring control improvements for good order.
  • Collate, analyse & present IBC data to meet various internal & external reporting requirements.
  • Clear reconciling items based on valid inputs from the recons section.

Output group 6*

Effective resource utilisation

Outputs and measures *

    • Ensures effective, efficient and optimal utilisation of all resources (human and capital) in alignment with the area’s KPI’s and business objectives and being responsive to competitive pressures, changing market conditions, client needs and business strategies

Output group 7*

  • Ensure operational performance

Outputs and measures

  • Identifies and defines tactical operational performance metrics geared towards meeting the team’s objectives
  • Responsible for ensuring that teams develop and deploy management information systems for optimal utilisation of staff and ensure accurate reporting on bu s iness measures and results
    • Collaborates with other areas through continuous interactions to ensure that best practices are implemented and a standard approach is followed
    • Provides accurate and timeous MIS as per the matrix agreed with Head of Operations/Processing to enable informed decision making.

Outputs group 8

Support on business projects

Outputs and measures

  • Provides specialist information and support to the business initiatives so as to ensure the correct application of Excon to any change initiatives



Formal minimum qualification 1*

Type of qualification: Honours Degree
Field of study: Business Commerce

Formal minimum qualification 2

Type of qualification: Choose an item.
Field of study: Choose an item.

Minimum qualification 3

Type of qualification: Choose an item.
Field of study: Choose an item.

Other qualifications, certifications or professional memberships

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Preferred qualification 1

Type of qualification: Choose an item.
Field of study: Choose an item.

Preferred qualification 2

Type of qualification: Choose an item.
Field of study: Choose an item.

Preferred other qualifications, certifications or professional memberships

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Experience required 1*

Job Function: Business Support
Job Family: Operations Control
Years: 7-10 years
Experience Description: At least 10 years’ experience in the Exchange Control Environment Planning and organizing ability; Time management skills; Team player; Ability to meet deadlines; Ability to work under pressure; Ability to communicate openly and regularly at all levels

Experience required 2

Job Function: Choose an item.
Job Family:Click here to enter text.
Years: Choose an item.
Experience Description: Click here to enter text.

Experience required 3:

Job Function: Choose an item.
Job Family:Click here to enter text.
Years: Choose an item.
Experience Description: Click here to enter text.

Experience preferred 1

Job Function: Choose an item.
Job Family:Click here to enter text.
Years: Choose an item.
Experience Description: Click here to enter text.

Experience preferred 2

Job Function: Choose an item.
Job Family:Click here to enter text.
Years: Choose an item.
Experience Description: Click here to enter text.

Behavioural Competencies

Behavioural competency 1*

Competency Label:Directing People
Competency Description:This competency emphasises the “leading” or “giving direction” part of leadership. The effective display of the “Leading People” competency is highly dependent on the effective display of a number of other competencies. Leading people is about taking control of as well as coordinating people and resources. While there are many different views on what leadership is, in this case, the concern is not focused on what leadership is, but is rather focused on the generic behaviour associated with leading people.

Behavioural competency 2*

Competency Label: Empowering Individuals
Competency Description:This competency emphasises the empowerment of others which includes encouraging others, motivating as well as inspiring them.

Behavioural competency 3

Competency Label: Resolving Conflict
Competency Description:This competency is about effectively dealing with disagreements and conflict in the workplace. In order to demonstrate being competent at resolving conflicts in the workplace, individuals are expected to demonstrate that they are able to effectively handle angry individuals and emotionally charged situations.

Behavioural competency 4

Competency Label:Showing Composure
Competency Description:This is about the extent to which individuals can remain calm under pressure and maintain poise before and during important events. As such, the competency addressed in this document is concerned with the extent to which individuals show behaviours that lead to the effective handling of pressurised situations. 

Behavioural competency 5

Competency Label: Team Working
Competency Description:This competency is about working well in a team.  In order to develop this competency, individuals are encouraged to acknowledge the views and contributions of others, and to involve others in decision-making. 

Behavioural competency 6

Competency Label: Checking Details
Competency Description:This competency is concerned with the careful checking and confirmation of details in a task. Another behaviour associated with the “Checking Details” competency is being accurate. Being accurate requires individuals to have a strong quality orientation as well as to be thorough and detailed in their approach when completing tasks in order to avoid making mistakes.

Behavioural competency 7

Competency Label: Taking Action
Competency Description:This competency is about taking action in service of achieving the organisation's goals. It is about being energetic, showing initiative and being action oriented. 

Technical Competencies

Technical competency 1*

Competency Label:Written Communication
Competency Description:
Ability to express ideas by means of clear and effective writing, in order to support professional communication internally within the Bank and externally.
Proficiency Level: SEASONED – Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required

Technical competency 2*

Competency Label:Customer Acceptance and Review
Competency Description:The ability to assess if the client qualifies to receive the services applied for, based on established parameters and criteria.
Proficiency Level: ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others

Technical competency 3*

Competency Label:Client Knowledge
Competency Description:Knowledge of the bank's clients, their names, requirements, history of relationship and key relationship issues.
Proficiency Level: ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others

Technical competency 4

Competency Label:Managerial Budgeting
Competency Description:The ability to plan the work unit budget and manage income and expenditure, through responsible implementation of policies, practices and decisions.
Proficiency Level: ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others

Technical competency 5

Competency Label: Coaching and Mentoring
Competency Description:The knowledge and skills required to direct, instruct, and train an employee/s with the aim to fulfil a goal, in order to develop specific skill/s in an enthusiastic, motivating manner.
Proficiency Level: ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others

Technical competency 6

Competency Label:Operational Planning
Competency Description:The ability to translate the organisation's vision and long term goals into medium and short term deliverables.
Proficiency Level: ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others

Leadership Competencies (for jobs in Levels of Work 3 to 7)

Leadership Competency 1

Competency Label: Customer and Client Focused Innovation
Competency Description
Focusing attention and efforts on understanding customers (or customer segments) and proactively addressing different customer/client needs. Makes organisational changes or innovates when needed to address customer/client needs.
Proficiency Level Description
Focuses the team on the customer/client; Restructures the team to focus attention on the specific customer needs. This may be done with the intent to build closer relationships or increase organisational credibility in such clients or segments.

Leadership Competency 2

Competency Label: Leading Courageously
Competency Description
Believing in one-self, own judgement, skills and experience, and using this self-confidence to challenge others for the benefit of Standard Bank.
Proficiency Level Description: 3 Has confidence to bring conflict into the open to be resolved; Is able to confront others (peers, boss, etc.) or brings disagreement into the open with the purpose of resolving it, landing on a decision, to ensure action. Is open and honest when communicating with others ("straight talk"). Challenges popular values, decisions and opinions to ensure that actions are taken in the Bank's best interest. Takes action in defiance of corporate rules and procedures for the greater good of the business and its stakeholders. Accepts personal risks and/or consequences of failure and persist in the face of opposition or fear.

Leadership Competency 3

Competency Label: Driving Delivery of Results
Competency Description:Proactively identifies business opportunities or barriers to business performance and addresses them. Takes accountability for improving the business. Demonstrates a sense of urgency around the achievement of stretching business goals.
Proficiency Level Description: 3 Makes decisions and takes action to achieve a challenging goal; Sets challenging goals that will have a significant impact on the business or support the organisational strategy. The challenging goal might be related to the speed of execution or implementation. Commits significant resources and/or time to reach a challenging goal, while also taking action to mitigate risk.

Leadership Competency 4

Competency Label: Holding People Accountable
Competency Description
Sets clear performance standards and expectations, and holds others accountable when these are not met. Takes accountability for team delivery against the expectations and contribution to results.
Proficiency Level Description: 4 Makes tough performance decisions; Dismisses a team member when they act against organisational values or they continuously under-perform, not having responded to previous clear expectations, feedback and action.

Leadership Competency 5

Competency Label: Growing Capability
Competency Description:Taking responsibility for identifying, developing and retaining capability for the benefit of the broader business, based on a genuine intent to foster the long term learning or development of others.
Proficiency Level Description: 2 Grows capability by providing balanced developmental feedback; Provides ongoing feedback to individuals with the purpose of reinforcing their positive attributes, and discussing areas of development. Gives positive feedback and praise explicitly stating what the individual has done well and how this assists the team/the organisation. Tolerates well-intended mistakes and treats them as learning opportunities for that person and for the team.

Additional Job Dimensions

Typical direct reports for this job*

Job Family:Operations Control
Number: 1-10

Indirect reports

Job Family:Operations Control
Number: No Indirect Reports
Job Family:Click here to enter text.
Number: Choose an item.

Financial accountability*

Type of Budget: Operational Budget
Size of Budget (ZAR equivalent): Authorised Limits ZAR20 000
Type of accountability: Contributes to budget management

Internal relationships*

Business area:Operations
Job:Click here to enter text.
Nature of relationship: Contribute to their service delivery
Sphere of influence: Impact the whole business unit
Description or examples: Interact where second level query resolution is required

External relationships*

Role type of external contact
Nature of relationship: Manage the relationship

  • Description or examples: Enhance the bank’s image through effective customer service. Treat external and internal customers as the most important part of the business unit hence aim for the highest rate of satisfied customers. Maintain a good service relationship with branches, dealing room, treasury back office, reconciliation departments and other business units. Maintain a good working relationships with regulators

Accountability for problem solving*

Degree of guidance received to solve problems:
Routine – Standard instructions and close supervision
Description or examples: Degree of original thought required to solve problems:

Variable – Differing situations within boundaries of experience

Description or examples:

Accountability for planning of activities*

Performance or supervision of varied activities

Description or examples:

Discretion allowed for decision making*

Top Management Guidance – Broad guidance on major policy areas

Description or examples:

Work environment*

Working Conditions 1: Regular overtime may be required
Working Conditions 2: Choose an item.
Physical Requirements 1: No specific physical requirements           
Physical Requirements 2: Choose an item.

Regulatory Requirements:

Regulated Role:*


Regulations that apply:

Choose an item.

For Job Architecture Use only:

Date Published

Click here to enter a date.

Job Evaluation Outcome

Job Evaluation Points: Click here to enter text.
Grade Table: Choose an item.
Assigned Grade: Choose an item.

Job Requester

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Job Approver

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Job Family Approver

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SA Market Survey Match

Market Survey Name: Choose an item.
Market Survey Reference Number:Click here to enter text.

Country Survey Match
(to be captured against position)

Country Survey Name: Click here to enter text.
Country Survey Reference Code: Click here to enter text.

Job evaluated by

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Competency profile formally completed?

Choose an item.

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